F I R S T    B A N D   P R O J E C T  +  F I R S T  F U L L  B A N D  R E C O R D I N G

Kaylyn Marie & The Wildlings is my first full band project. We embody a golden pop tone with bits of blues, jabs of jazz, and snippets of swing. The intention here is to pay homage to decades past where women had much to say but less invitation to say it and challenge that norm. I wear the dress, paint the rouge, and without apology, spill truths while leading a pack of talented lads. Depending on the gig, you could catch an intimate duo, a groovy quartet, or a twistin'-n-shoutin' 10-piece. In 2021, we are releasing music under the direction of New York's beloved soul crooner, Paul Loren! I've been a fan of his for many years. To become collaborators on this record has been a surprising and generous gift.

f o r g e t m e n o t
S O P H O M O R E    E P

2021 marks the end of my recording hiatus! I'm releasing a single titled "At Work" January 29, 2021. It is the first single off my sophomore EP titled "Forget Me Not" produced by the exquisite, Katie Buchanan. Presave here.

F I L M  P R E M I E R E

"Being", a film directed by Douglas C. Williams, will be released in 2020. I was fortunate to play a supporting role in this supernatural thriller.  Click "BEING" for some additional information. 

E T S Y  S H O P 

Many moons ago, I stumbled upon an old but pristine Royal typewriter from 1929. We fell in to something close to love. As an avid letter writer, we decided to make things. Click "TYPESMITTEN" to check it out.